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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lips: Soft & Sweet

  I HATE when my lips are chapped, dry and cracked...EWW! I make sure I carry some sort of lip balm with me at ALL times. But just applying lip balm may not work for all people. Here are a few tips and tricks to turn your lips into something Soft & Sweet.

   Likely exfoliation is in many of people's skincare routine. The same should be applied to your lips as well. Our lips should be exfoliated at least once a week to keep them soft and supple. The Dead skin on the top layer of our lips can cause the skin to not recieve as much moisturizer from your favorite lip balm products.


To exfoliate:
*Take a warm washcloth and gentle but firmly rub your upper and lower lips in a circler motion.
*The warm water will soften the rough skin, making it easier for the washcloth to exfoliate.

  Another well known way to exfoliate your lips is a scrub.
Honey & Suger is the best, just take a pinch of suger in a small jar and add honey. Mix well and apply to your lips in a circler motion very much like the washcloth method. But if you are like me and HATE honey (sorry guys, can't stand the suff) then you may want to substitute the honey for Petroleum Jelly.
 Also wearing Petroleum Jelly on your lips at night means you'll wake up with softer lips in the morning. It works for me everytime!
   After exfoliating take your favorite lip balm and apply as much as needed/wanted. I love EOS, Niveva, ChapStick and Carmex. I'm like many others, an lip balm addicted female. I have a whole collection going on in my night stand.
  Just follow these simple things and you should have softer lips. If these tips don't work for you (I'm so very sorry) then contact your doctor for professional help.

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